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Testing to begin on a student-driven A.I. system focused on learning by sharing

After a year of hard work, School Group will be launching a pilot program in Nepal that connects students with their counterparts in others schools.

Starting in 2020, our new learning management system (LMS), will be tested to measure the quality of school coordination, different project model types, curriculum surveys, learning outcomes, IT server reliability and local marketing efforts.

Students will participate at a number of public and private schools in the country’s Kathmandu, Janakpur, Siraha and Dhanusha districts. The pilot program will be completed in several stages, lasting four to six months, before moving on to more extensive in-school testing throughout the country.

If the project goes well, School Group’s LMS will be rolled out across Nepal before making its way to India. Then, we will turn our attention to our other countries of initial focus, marking what we believe will be a groundbreaking and life-impacting innovation in the future of education around the globe — especially in developing countries.

Nepal has made remarkable strides in improving access to education in recent years, under the direction of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MOEST), which has made the expansion of educational opportunities a federal priority.

Nearly 260,000 teachers work in the country’s basic education system (public and private schools) in seven provinces and 753 local government areas.

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