We’re an early-stage global nonprofit startup working to make quality education accessible worldwide through e-learning technology.

Founded in the United States in 2018, School Group is working hard to become one of the most innovative and far-reaching educational research and technology organizations in the world. Thanks to our dedicated staff of volunteers, we are currently working in six countries — with representatives 20 nations — and plan to impact learning and lives around the world.


The pursuit of better learning

Growing up in a small village in Nepal, Bimal Kumar, our founder, walked an hour each day to attend a school that lacked basic resources like textbooks and a library. And despite feeling trapped in a system that relied on monotonous rote learning, task completion and testing, he excelled. Eventually, he moved to the United States, graduating from the University of Texas with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Intrigued by the differences between in the educations systems of his homeland and adopted country, he set out on a journey to better understand the foundation of quality learning. His travels took him to more than 30 countries, where he immersed himself in their national education systems, observing that each had its own strengths and weaknesses. He grew to believe that education could be improved with the latest technology and learning methods. This laid the groundwork for what would become School Group.

Our Mission

To promote quality education, skills development, and improve lives around the world

through cutting-edge peer e-learning technology and data-driven research.


We’re building a future-focused global education network

The world of education is at a crossroads. The actions we take together right now will help create more learning opportunities today — while placing us on the path to a brighter, more successful future. Starting with our flagship pilot project in Nepal, we are currently testing our e-learning network. Eventually, our game-changing technology will be systematically rolled out in the other five countries where we are initially focusing our work — the U.S., Canada, India, New Zealand, and Pakistan — before expanding around the globe.



Championing diversity by celebrating individual differences and accepting individuals regardless of their social, economic or cultural backgrounds.

Our Core Values


Spurring innovation through a continuing process of assessment, improvement and adoption of the latest technological advances.


Harnessing the power of education to help individuals transform their lives, building brighter futures as productive community members.


Trust and Accountability

As an organization who deeply values the trust placed in us by donors, supporters, partners, and members,
we are committed to best practices in governance, accountability, and transparency at all levels of our organization.