To better education and lives globally through shared learning

Education has the power to be the foundation of a successful life. But to do so, it must focus on more than rote memorization and passing tests. A high-quality education enables students to use their minds to actually learn, think independently, explore creativity and even develop a strong sense of community.

School Group is working to improve education around the world, and build a global community of lifelong learners by using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology that allows students and teachers to connect and learn from each other.

We’re Facing a Global Education Crisis


“Education is stuck in the past, and is not preparing students for today’s world.”

—Bimal Kumar, CEO of School Group

The School Group Approach

Artificial Intelligence
Using the latest artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology, and intuitive software and systems, to change how students learn, while optimizing their educative experience.
Machine Learning
Harnessing machine-learning — which powers technologies including facial recognition and driverless vehicles — to create next-generation e-learning programs.
Data Analysis
Continuously gathering information, then converting that information into billions of data points, which are analyzed to devise precise methodologies to improve learning.

International Education Gaps

While education is key to social and economic development, education systems across the world are failing to enable students to realize their potential, take advantage of opportunities, become lifelong learners, and achieve their dreams.


Children around the world lack basic reading and math skills.

Source: UNESCO, UIS Fact Sheet No. 48


of schools in developing countries have Internet access.

Source: The Education Commission


A World Where All Students Learn, Grow and Succeed

We work to achieve this ambitious objective by focusing on these key areas

Peer Learning
Through joint activities, students can develop skills in organization, planning, working collaboratively with others, giving and receiving feedback, and differentiated learning. Peer teachers benefit from a one-on-one approach to professional development, introducing them to new methods that make them more effective educators.
Skills Development
Peer learning brings out the unique strengths of each individual student while sharpening their communication, teamwork, cooperation, compromise and critical thinking skills. Students also learn how to listen respectfully and respond constructively to feedback — all vitally important skills in today’s team-focused work environments.
Global Networking & Community
E-learning exposes students to diversity through interaction with their peers all over the world. This helps them to better understand others culturally, personally, and as learners and thinkers. it also helps students build an international network and prepares them for working in a global community – useful assets in today’s professional world.


Improve the quality of both education and people’s lives

Every school we connect, every teacher we work with, every student we reach, every life we change, begins with you. Your support will help make a real difference around the world.


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